Ideato automated configurator for Vagrant environment

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Welcome to Vagrun

curl > vagrun.phar

Vagrun is a command-line tool that helps you to start and configure a PHP Vagrant machine from scratch, based on Vagrant template project. You can report issues and submit PRs on the github repo, we really appreciate that ❤


PHP 5.4.0 or above.

Install Vagrun

Change into your project directory

cd /path/to/your/project

Get Vagrun

curl > vagrun.phar

Make the phar executable

chmod a+x vagrun.phar

Global installation

If you want to install Vagrun globally move vagrun.phar in /usr/local/bin/vagrun after completing the local installation

sudo mv vagrun.phar /usr/local/bin/vagrun


Init environment

vagrun init [--path=/your/path]

Configure environment

vagrun config [--path=/your/path]

Erase installation


Use this command at your own risk: the following code will delete all the configuration files and the directory .vagrant

vagrun cleanup [--path=/your/path]

If you are sure to delete vagrant configuration and directory you could use the option --force to erase the installation without being prompted for confirmation.

Usage example

Initialization and configuration

For this example let's assume we've installed Vagrun globally and are ready to create a whole new Vagrant environment inside our project folder

nicole at ideatosrl in ~/Sites/cool-project
$ vagrun init

At this point the Vagrant environment is created but not configured. Let's do that

nicole at ideatosrl in ~/Sites/cool-project
$ vagrun config

That's all, our Vagrant environment is ready! \(^_^)人(◠‿◠✿)/

Last thing we need to do is add the chosen ipadress to our /etc/hosts file... but you already did it, right?

Delete the environment

Now, days as passed, we grow older and wiser and have changed our mind about the whole configuration and want to delete it, without deleting our project folder with awesome and tested code. We also don't want to go inside the folder, so we use the --path option... and since we're great coders we use the --force option.

nicole at ideatosrl in ~
$ vagrun cleanup --path=~/Sites/cool-project --force


Simone D'Amico, Nicole Bartolini and other contributors.


Vagrun is licensed under the MIT License. See the license file for further details.

Support or Contact

Having trouble with Vagrun? Check out the documentation or ask us for direct support to and we’ll help you sort it out.